May 12 2016

Hot Alpha Female - Triple Your Attraction (2016)

Hot Alpha Female - Triple Your Attraction (2016)

Hot Alpha Female - Triple Your Attraction (2016)
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Let Martin help to increase your chances of meeting someone through online dating and Apps! The world of online dating is a dynamic one with things constantly changing. There are now multitudes of online dating sites, including those dedicated to finding partners for casual affairs. It is therefore imperative to keep ahead of the game in online dating.

Module # 1: Creating Desire and Attraction in a Woman
Module # 2: How to Dramatically Reduce the Fear of Rejection

with Women
Module # 3: Get Her from Friend to Girlfriend - Escape the
Module # 4: Minimize Her Sh*t Tests!
Bonus Module: Opening Conversations With Women Naturally

I charge my clients over $US100 per hour to consult with me. You get access to this for FREE! Valued at over $US160!

Coaching Audio 1: An attractive way to approach a woman.
Actual Question Asked: What would you say would be the perfect way to approach a girl I don't really know? What could I say? How could I show her my strengths? Where could I take it from there?

Coaching Audio 2: How to truly communicate to a woman.
Actual Question Asked: My question is on interpersonal relationships - communication. How does this relate to use of body language, words or phrases which are being used, and conversation context.

Coaching Audio 3: What to do when you have blown it with a woman.
Actual Question Asked: I like this girl very much and I made a stupid mistake by asking her out through a couple of text messages. She did not reply back but after a couple of weeks it seemed like she wanted me to ask her out but i did not have the nerve. Then she got angry with me and stopped being friendly. Do you think I might be able to win back her affection or should I move on?

Coaching Audio 4: Taking a woman on the first date and beyond.
Actual Question Asked: Is their a generic best place for a 1st date such as a coffee shop, bookstore, retail restaurant (like KFC, McDonald's) an expensive restaurant, sports arena (e.g.- a sports game or fight, bowling alley), OR SOMEWHERE ELSE (please specify other options) and should the date have just physical activity, just conversation, or a combination of both, and is there a time limit for your initial first date and should the guy pay for the first date, and what criterion in this question may apply to future dates if any and why?

Coaching Audio 5: How let a woman gently know you are NOT interested.
Actual Question Asked: Ok, here it is. I sometimes go to the store, to eat, to buy groceries, etc. and get these women acting nervous, giggly, blushing around me. Some are young and some are not so young. I'm not a movie star or anything, but they act like a teenage boy who suddenly gets to talk to Brittney Spears or Miley Cyrus. As nice as that is, sometimes I just want to be left alone. To do my errands in peace. I don't want to offend them or insult them or hurt their feelings. I have tried dressing like a slob, not shaving, not showering for a few days, acting really quiet, but nothing really seems to work. I know some guys would love to have this problem, but do you have any advice on what to do when I want to be left alone without making these women feel anything bad? What can I do so they just ignore me when I want them to?

Hot Alpha Female - Triple Your Attraction (2016)
Hot Alpha Female - Triple Your Attraction (2016)
Hot Alpha Female - Triple Your Attraction (2016)



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